Vitex S.A. is one of the 6 companies to win in Growth Awards!

Vitex S.A. is one of the 6 companies to win in  Growth Awards!

Vitex S.A., one of the six winner companies based on the evaluation of the “Growth Awards” Award Committee, was distinguished for her banner performance by following a sustainability operational framework that integrates environmental, social and governance criteria.

Vitex S.A. received the award during the “Growth Awards” online awarding ceremony, which was co-organized by Eurobank and Grant Thornton at the Peristyle of Zappeion Hall, on Thursday, October 7, 2021.


“Growth Awards” are an initiative aimed at elevating and rewarding Greek companies that have stood out for their steady upward trend in recent years, best practices and adaptability, contributing to the formation of a resilient and flexible business landscape in Greece, crucial for the new upward cycle of the economy.

Vitex S.A. will continue striving, creating, innovating, undertaking business initiatives and playing a leading role in the course of the Greek economy in Greece and abroad.

The evaluation process for the elevation of companies that stood out for their growth, excellence and dynamics, is carried out using specific analyses of basic financial figures and indicators as well as specific quality characteristics, in a total of about 8,000 companies.

Vitex S.A. C.E.O. Mr. Armodios Υannidis, stated, “Here at Vitex we pursue the common improvement and upgrading of the culture of those involved in our activities. We actively participate in the daily life of our society and promote solutions for the protection of the environment”.


The 20-member Awards Committee is co-chaired by Mr. Georgios Zanias, Chairman of the Board of Eurobank S.A. and Mr. Vasilis Kazas, Managing Partner of Grant Thornton, while its members include prominent personalities of the business and academic world of the country:


  1. Dr. Andreas A. Andreadis, CEO, of Sani/Ikos Group & President of the Board of Directors of SETE (Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises)
  2. Eftichios Vassilakis, Managing Director of AUTOHELLAS S.A. / HERTZ, Chairman of Aegean Airlines & Olympic Air
  3. Konstantinos Vassiliou, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Head of Group Corporate & Investment Banking of Eurobank SA
  4. Efthimios Vidalis, President of the Executive Committee of SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises)
  5. Georgios Doukidis, Professor at Athens University of Economics and Business
  6. Spyros Theodoropoulos, CEO of Chipita 
  7. Nikolaos Karamouzis, President of Grant Thornton
  8. Nelly Katsou, Vice Chairman & Co-Founder of VNK CAPITAL SA
  9. Achilleas Konstantakopoulos, Chairman of TEMES S.A.
  10. Lara Barazi- Geroulanou, CEO of Kefalonia fisheries S.A.
  11. Dimitris Papalexopoulos, Chairman of the Group Executive Committee of Titan Cement International (TCI)
  12. George Provopoulos, Chairman of Eurobank Bulgaria AD
  13. Yiannis A.Retsos, Chairman of SETE
  14. Asimina Tzika, General Director of ELVIAL SA
  15. Melina Travlou, Chairman of Neptune Group of Companies
  16. Michael Tsamaz, Chairman & CEO of OTE Group (Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation S.A.)
  17. Theodore Fessas, Chairman of Quest Holdings & BriQ Properties
  18. Vasileios Fourlis, Chairman of the Fourlis Group of Companies