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VITEX receives the Top 19 - Most Dynamic Company in Greece 2019 - GROWTH AWARDS

VITEX receives the Top 19 - Most Dynamic Company in Greece  2019 - GROWTH AWARDS

VITEX, has been awarded for the 2nd consecutive year, as one of the Top 19 dynamic companies in Greece, by Growth Awards, organized by Grant Thornton and Eurobank, a leading banking group in Greece.

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VITEX was evaluated amongst 8,000 companies in Greece, based on  financial indicators and specific qualitative characteristics, and was selected in the Top 19 dynamic companies in Greece for its:

- excellent financial performance

- strategy of Business Excellence

- dynamic development

This distinction acknowledges the dynamism and the continuous upward trend of VITEX, despite the harsh macroeconomic conditions in Greece.

As Mr Armodios Yannidis, C.E.O. of Vitex stated «The GROWTH Award and ERMIS Advertising Award confirms our Managing team’s commitment to continuous improvement and promotion of excellence in all levels and functions of our organisation.  The successful management model, that we have established 6 years ago, in our company, has not only accelerated employee participation but also boosted innovation and attracted the best talent available in the sector. Vitex, constitutes today the “dream team” in the architectural paints sector, in Greece».


VITEX - Yannidis Bros S.A.

Established in 1932, Vitex - Yannidis Bros is the largest Greek owned company of architectural paints. Despite the economic recession Vitex continues to invest, by developing and producing high quality products for the sectors of architectural paints (Vitex), bituminous waterproofing materials (Hermes), external thermal  insulation (VitexTherm) and yacht paints (Eumaria), at the largest paint factory in Greece, one of the most  advanced in Europe (with an investment exceeding  €30m).  Vitex products are distributed in 20 countries worldwide.