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Paint & Decorating

Before you decide to start painting your home, allow yourself a little time to make a wise decision. Get all the information available regarding the new trends in color and discover how they perfectly apply to your surroundings.


As a result of last year's ecological campaign green as well as earthly tones will prevail this year too.  The tranquil hues of green as well as the more low-key shades of olive green render a relaxing environment.  Combined with warm earthly hues they can easily be adopted and applied in virtually every room.


They will make all the difference . this year the more intense colors originate from the East.  Strong ethnic influences from the Middle East, Morocco and Spain bring to our environment deep shades of red, spicy hues of orange and glowing nuances of ochre.  The result is unique and daringly unusual!


The opposite section of the color spectrum offers the following shades that will thrill you.  Refined violet and elegant aubergine purple will make your surroundings look chic and will definitely steal the show.  Combined with hues of gold or silver, which made their appearance this year, and are here to stay . the result will be breathtaking.


Whatever you decide, before you get hold of the paintbrush try to imagine what kind of feeling you would like your place to create.  If you start from zero, choose your favorite color and combine it with the most trendy shades of the season!