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VITEX supports the Social Charity Organization 'Apostoli'

Our company supports the structures of social awareness of the Charity Organization "Apostoli" of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens undertaking the responsibility of the renewal some of the guesthouses, boarding centers, and in general more units of the Organization.


The agenda of this initiative began on August 29 with the renovation of the guesthouse of Unaccompanied Refugee Minors in Agios Dimitrios region of Attica. From very early morning Vitex Technicians with the voluntary participation of all the children who live in the guesthouse began work painting the interior in all floors of the building.

Both the Administration of "Apostoli" and the scientific staff of the Guesthouse, embrace this initiative, concerning vulnerable groups, giving color to their lives, offering clean, tidy and beautiful surroundings.

By doing so Vitex adds its own touch of color towards the welfare of children who are accommodated in the guesthouse.


VITEX participates in the implementation of the Project: 'Social Structures Instant Response to Poverty' supporting this way the UNESCO Group of Piraeus & Islands.

The free Supply of our products for the interior renovation of the place that UNESCO has created concerning the project 'Social Structures Instant Response to Poverty', is only a small sample of our sensitivity to humanitarian issues, particularly in this difficult economic situation that our country is at the moment.


Sponsorship «Thriasia 2013»

"Culture works beneficial to the enhancement of human beauty. Our goal every year is to rewrite the loudest song of solidarity, recreational and social service.

With these very words the Mayor and President of the Organizational Committee of Events 'Thriasia 2013' invited us to participate actively firstly in the collective effort to stem the 'unpleasant environment' that prevails in our country lately and secondly in the enhancement of the creation, reflection and artistic pursuits. We gladly responded to this effort and yet for another year we supported it by our generous sponsorship.