Corporate Social Responsibility -


Corporate social responsibility
At Vitex we apply the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility since our establishment, as they are consistent with our “Corporate DNA” and the way we operate since 1932.
In this framework, at Vitex we develop initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life, both through the quality products that the company produces as well as through its corporate social responsibility activities that it implement:

  • Promotes innovation and develops products that provide added value to consumers while being safe for public health and the environment, throughout their lifecycle.
  • Commits to protect the environment through its environmental management system. At the same time, it adopts procedures that guarantee the health and safety of staff and employees.
  • Collaborates with local communities that host its manufacturing facilities on a reciprocal basis of transparency and trust.
  • It invests in its human resources and especially in the personal and career development of employees, their education and their lifelong training. It supports its people and their families in whatever unforeseen and unpleasant situation they may confront.
  • Supports and applies  the high standards for public health and the environment, set by the European Union in all the international markets, including those outside of the EU. Thus the  Vitex products on sale in markets outside of Greece, meet exactly the same high quality standards set by the European Union as those on sale in Greece.

2019 is a milestone year as we present our first sustainability report. This issue is particularly important for us, the people of Vitex, as it is:
• a voluntary action not mandatory by any legislative requirement or other.
• The first Corporate Social Responsibility report published by a paints company in Greece.
• One of the few such initiatives, until today, by a Greek company of our size.