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Mr. Armodios Giannidis, is the new President of the Association of Greek Chemical Industries (SECHB)

The new Board of Directors of the Hellenic Association of Chemical Industries (HACI) was formed after the elections that took place, as part of the Association’s Annual General Meeting, on Monday, June 6, 2022.

The composition of the new Board of Directors as follows:

President: Armodios Giannidis (VITEX SA)

1st Vice President: Vassilis Gounaris (BASF HELLAS SA)

2nd Vice President: Alexandros Katrouzos (NEOTEX SA)

General Secretary: Georgia Spyridaki (HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.)

Treasurer: Theodoros – Dimitrios Stathopoulos (KAPACHIM SA)

Member: Charalambos Varelas (MEGARA RESINS S.A.)

Member: Alexandros Krallis (N. KRALLIS SA)

Member: Vasos Efthymiadis (K & N Efthymiadis SA)

Member: Theodora Koulouras (KAVALAS FERTILIZERS LTD)

The new President of HACI referred to the development of the Association over time when assuming his duties. In his statements, Mr. A. Giannidis particularly pointed out the contribution of the two acting presidents, V. Efthimiadis and V. Gounaris, in strengthening the role of the Association as an institutional body and representative of the entire Greek chemical industry. Speaking in terms of chemistry, they succeeded in increasing the volume and specific weight of the Association of Greek Chemical Industries” noted Mr. Giannidis, underlining in conclusion : „The new Board of Directors will continue its work with transparency, integrity and responsibility, respect for stakeholdersand always based on scientific documentation. Our goal is for the Greek Chemical Industry to continue to be a catalyst for sustainability by providing innovative solutions to the ever-increasing problems of the planet and society“.