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You have finished painting and there is some paint left? This is what you can do!


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Have you just finished painting your personal space and there is some paint left? The first move is always to store the paint, a relatively simple procedure, as long as it is stored away from direct sun exposure and humidity. The ideal choice is to store the paint in a safe and dry environment such as the repository. If the amount of paint is minimal and the package is large (e.g., 10lt) and it takes up space in the repository, then we can store the paint in an old jam jar.

Alternatively, we can use the amount of residual paint to paint small decorative details that will bring about an impressive final result.
For example, we can turn a simple kitchen chair into a work of art. All you have to do is carefully scrub all the surfaces of the chair and then dust them thoroughly with a fresh cloth. You will then apply 2 layers of ripolin using tape to separate the 2 shades.
Once the ripolin is dry, your creation is ready!

You can also paint a single wall in a room to create a striking contrast with the rest of the walls. Similarly, if you’re tired of your all-white walls you can use decorative tape to create a horizontal line on the wall and paint the bottom of the wall (under the decorative tape) to the floor with the leftover paint.

Finally, dark wooden surfaces are an ever-growing interior design trend.
Therefore, why not give a special look to your doors? Remove the handles, scrub, and dust the surface of the door. Apply a layer of velatura and when dry, rub lightly and then apply 2 coats of the remaining ripolin.

For more decorative ideas and impressive combinations, consult the new Trends Magazine Palettes.

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