1. General

1.1 This website www.vitex.gr (hereinafter to be referred to as the “Website”) is the exclusive property of the company under the name “VITEX S.A” having its seat in Aspropyrgos, Attica, GREECE (location “Imeros Topos”) as is legally represented (hereinafter to be referred to as the “Company”), which exploits the Website in order to present and promote its statutory and business purposes and activities as well as to market its products and activities to the visitors/users of the Website.

1.2 The use of the Website is subject to the present terms of use. Every visitor/user of the Website should carefully read the present terms of use before navigating in the Website. Navigation in the Website means unconditional acceptance of all present Terms of Use. In case the visitor/user disagrees wholly or partially with the content of the present Terms of Use they should refrain from entering in the Website.

1.3 Every visitor/user of the Website shall use it “as is” without any right to modify or intervene in any way in it or its content. The Company provides no warranty of any kind whatsoever with regard to the Website and its content. On no occasion does the Website’s content constitute a “guideline” or a “recommendation” provided by the Company to any visitor/user. 

1.4 The Website, any of its web pages as well as the information included therein and any services provided shall exclusively be intended for adults and may not be used by individuals below 18 years of age. The Company shall bear no responsibility in case an underage person voluntarily visits the Website and/or make use of content or services possibly inappropriate for them.

2. Operation & Content of Website – Reservations – Disclaimer

2.1 The Company makes any possible effort so that the information and the general content of the Website can be described by the maximum possible accuracy, clarity, quality and availability without deviations. However, the Company guarantees neither the accuracy and completeness of the Website’s content without variations of quality or other variations (e.g. with regard to the colours of the images) nor that the content shall satisfy the preferences and/or the needs of each visitor/user. 

2.2 The Company makes any possible effort for the maintenance and availability of the Website as well as for its incessant and utilitarian function, in accordance with the technical specifications of the Company itself. However, the Company does not guarantee the constant availability and operation of the Website (which can possibly be affected by the equipment of the visitors/users, communications networks, the number of people trying to enter the Website at the same moment or other reasons) and maintains the right to interrupt at any moment, provisionally or permanently, partially or wholly, the operation of the Website for reasons of maintenance, update or for any other reason, with and/or without previous notification to the visitors/users.

2.3 In addition the Company reserves the right to amend, to replace and/or delete the content of the Website at any time and regardless of any previous notification to the visitors/users.

2.4 In any case the Company shall bear no responsibility for possible unavailability of the Website wholly or partially at any time and for any reason. In particular the Company shall bear no responsibility including but not limited to for any direct, indirect or consequential damage (including any loss of profits) as well as for any expenditure (including fees of lawyers, experts and other consultants) that could result from accessing or navigating the Website or from saving, downloading or using any text, audiovisual material, data, images, sound files or other material posted to the Website as well as for any fault or damage caused because of viruses, bugs, humans action or omission, computer system, telephone line, piece of hardware, software or other malfunction (e.g. delayed transmission from the computer or due to slow connection). It is explicitly noted that every visitor/user should have taken care of the protection of their own technical equipment, software and secure navigation through the Website (i.e. use of antivirus programs, virus scanners or other security systems) before they make any use of the Website.


3. Copyright

Τhe overall content of the Website, including but not limited to, texts names, trademarks, logos, graphics, images, pictures, videos or sound files and generally audiovisual material, as well as all kinds of files, is intellectual or industrial property of the Company and is subject to the applicable (national and international) provisions on the protection of intellectual or industrial rights, with the exception of the expressly recognized rights of third parties. As a result, any reproduction, republication, duplication, storage, sale, transmission, distribution, issue, performance, download, translation and modification to the content of the Website in any way, through any means, wholly or partially or briefly, is prohibited without the previous explicit and written consent of the Company. In any case, the visitors/users of the Website acknowledge and accept that the content of the Website constitutes exclusive property of the Company and, as a result, any unauthorized use in any way shall have serious consequences and sanctions specified by the relevant applicable civil and criminal legislation.   

4. Illegal or Unfair Behaviour of Visitors/Users

4.1 Every visitor/user of the Website shall comply with the relevant applicable provisions of the Greek, European and international law, while, on the other side, they shall refrain from all illegal and misuse or intervention related to the Website. Every visitor/user shall be responsible for restoring any damage that may be caused to the Website or the Company because of illegal or unfair use of the Website by the said visitor/user.

4.2 It is explicitly clarified that no libelous, abusive, intimidating, threatening, offensive and generally illegal material may be posted to the Website or shared in any way.

5. Hyperlinks

The Website may among others provide hyperlinks to websites or web pages of third parties who control the content posted therein and as a result remain fully responsible (civilly and criminally) for their security and the validity of their content. The Company shall bear no responsibility of any kind for any use of the said websites or web pages of third parties. The visitor/user of the Website acknowledges and accepts that the Company is neither responsible nor is it in position to control the security and the content of the websites, web pages, contents and services of third parties in case the Company provides the relevant hyperlink. The visitor/user of the Website shall directly contact the providers of the said websites with regard to any questions or other issues related to the visit and/or the use of them and comply with the relevant terms of their use. The company maintains the right to remove from the Website, at any moment and at its full discretion, hyperlinks to websites/web pages of third parties.

6. Revision 

The Company maintains the right to revise the present Website’s terms of use at any moment and for any reason, without any previous notification. All visitors/users are advised to regularly check the Website’s terms of use so that they can be informed about any changes; as long as they continue the Website’s use it shall be considered that they have accepted any modified terms of use.

7. Personal Data

Any personal data of the Website’s visitor/user related to their entering or navigating the Website and processed by the Company shall be subject to the present terms of use as well as to the terms of the “General Data Protection Policy” that is provided on the Website and which should be read by all visitors/users.

8. Cookies

For detailed information about the way the Company runs and processes cookies on the Website the visitors/users are advised to refer to the “Cookies Policy” that is posted on the Website.

9. Final Terms

9.1 The present Website’s Terms of Use are subject to the relevant applicable provisions of the Greek and European law and are additionally interpreted on the basis of good faith and commercial practices. 

9.2 In case a term of use is found to be against the law and, as a result, invalid or cancelable, it shall automatically become inapplicable (if not replaced with another valid term), though the validity of the other Website’s terms of use shall in no way be affected.

9.3 Any difference with regard to the power, interpretation and application of the present terms of use shall exclusively be settled by the Courts of Athens, Greece. 

10. Contact

For any additional clarification or remark with regard to the Website and the present Terms of Use the visitors/users can contact the Company on the following numbers: (i) Tel. No.: +30210 5589400 or Fax No.: +30 2105597859 or (iii) email at info@vitex.gr or dpo@vitex.gr or (iv) mail at the address: “Imeros Topos,” Aspropyrgos, Attica, GREECE, PC 19300, P.O. Box: 139.