Paint science for the future

With science, we create innovative and sustainable products that add functionality to surfaces, improving people's lives.

The R&D team monitors and analyzes trends and developments in the field of science and technology and designs new solutions for paint and construction that satisfy the modern needs of both professionals and individuals, always in therms of sustainability. With long-term investments and collaborations with organizations and other scientific groups from all over the world, Vitex develops innovative technologies and produces innovative products for the timely and effective response to international issues such as the pandemic and the climate crisis.


Our contribution to innovative products

FOS Photocatalytic paint

Exploiting the properties of photocatalysis, Vitex in collaboration with the spin-off company PCN Materials and the Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH), created the innovative paint with additive, active nanotitania photocatalysts, for the breakdown and degradation of pollutants in indoor spaces, using the visible light. It rids the air of inorganic and organic gaseous pollutants, harmful volatile substances and unpleasant odors.

VITEX FOS was developed in collaboration with the company ProVisionAir+, and was co-financed from the E.U. LIFE VISIONS program (LIFE 19 ENV/GR/000100). Participants in the LIFE VISIONS program was: VITEX A.E., Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, NCSR Demokritos, FORTH and the company EVOLUTION PROJECTS»

VAIRO Healthcare Technology

It is the innovative VAIRO Healthcare Technology developed by the R&D department of VITEX S.A. during the previous months, that corresponds to the requirements and the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. With VAIRO technology, the paint inhibits the growth of viruses and bacteria – including SARS-CoV2 – and virtually nullifies their ability to be transmitted through painted surfaces.

Meteo Works

Climate change and the need for sustainable cities led Vitex to develop products that incorporate Meteo Works technology to adapt paints to new conditions. The acrylic paint ACRYLAN MAX, whose composition is based on this technology, can be applied in extended limits of ambient temperature and humidity (5 – 45 0C & 50%RH) even in the midst of unpredictable extreme weather conditions, compared to the corresponding paints that are available on the market.

Join us in designing the paint and structural solutions of the future.

We believe that collaboration and teamwork are building blocks of science and progress. We invite everyone who wants to be part of positive change for the future to become part of our team.