We create daily wonders with science, fun and care

#1 Greek owned paint manufacturer in sales.

Passion and love for what we do everyday makes us better. Team spirit multiplies personal ability and makes us more efficient. Meritocracy promotes and rewards contribution and achievement while opens up the horizons of corporate and personal development. We cultivate our inner leader for the leading position in the market.


Products quality in combination with best practices and flexibility to adapt efficiently to customer needs and market conditions characterize us. Innovation in technology but also the way we conduct business differentiate us.


Honesty, transparency and responsibility characterize us since company’s establishment and make every stakeholder as supporter. We contribute to local economies, not only with our business but mainly by materializing a good example that deserves to be imitated and spread the European business ideals.


We manufacture our products and act by following best practices with an aim to improve the way of living in present and the future. We design products that find their position in circular economy and continuously monitor our ESG performance.


The value we produce and add to our stakeholders, customers, suppliers, team members and society does not aim to be opportunistic but to have a long term impact. We transfer our values to young people, shaping together the the next generation entrepreneurial context.