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JAPANDI: Embrace minimalism and simplicity!

γκρι χρώμα τοίχου

The new trend in decoration that emerged in 2021 was “Japandi” which comes from the synthesis of 2 trends: Japanese & Scandi (Scandinavian). It may initially seem that there is no common denominator that connects these decorative trends (and therefore, their outcome, Japandi), however, on the next level, there are· and they are plenty, as both trends

  • represent simple lines and natural materials such as wood in light shades.
  • They prioritize functionality (in terms of furniture) over impressiveness and clutter.
  • They love neutral colors and especially opaque and gray shades that blend harmoniously with Scandinavian style furniture.
  • They suggest plants in the personal space, which resembles an environment in harmony with nature.

In the new Vitex’s palettes “Trends Magazine 2021-2022”you can find all the new international trends related to Japandi shades, and the suggested white and opaque shades that will transform your space according to the Japandi trend such as

0011 Sugar Dust, 0017 Luna Moon, 0019 Mystic Fog, 0021 Barely White, 0024 Just About White, 0027 White Fence, 0028 Bannister White, 0029 Cherish is the Word, 0031 Italian Ice, 0032 Ice Dream