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INTERIOR DESIGN PERSONNAS | Where do you belong?

Have you ever wondered why one has a preference of one color over others? The answer lies in the fact that our favorite color shades represent traits of our personalities. Color Psychology can reveal almost everything about who we are, what we like, and what we prefer. So, let’s find out in which category each one of us falls into:

New Traditionalist:
It’s all about classic and timeless shades and furniture for the living environment. The New Traditionalist likes symmetry, but also a balanced design. They love to mix the classic (dark shades and old furniture) with the new (intense, bright, and bold color touches in their living spaces or objects), thus creating the new trend in the interior design that includes the best ingredients of both worlds (the classic and the modern).

The Modernist chooses simple and clean lines for the decoration of their space. They are always looking of the new and for the ever-involving interior design. They are known for minimalism which is highlighted by metal furniture or metallic decorative objects that are combined with bright color contrasts in a bold trinitarian and complementary combination.
The epitome of “fresh” and constant renewal.

The collector is known by the comfort of their personal space and the friendly feeling that comes from their decoration. They love the warm colors, and they collect items that move them or fascinate them. The Collector is a cosmopolitan figure and well-traveled, which is often imprinted on their personal belongings. Their displayed collections are fascinating and extraordinary, while they always place their best decorative elements prominently.

Active Life:
Upon entering their personal space you feel the energy and movement which predisposes you for outdoor activities and sports. They are inspired by the nature and its dynamic constant movement, and they choose bright color combinations which they are in turn combined with natural light and large glass surfaces. One can usually distinguish intense shades of blue in the Active Life’s personal space which create an energetic atmosphere and a feeling of revitalization.

The Nomad detests the clutter of objects or furniture in their personal space,  and they love earth tone colors. They have a nomad soul and being a true traveler, they consciously choose the “less is more” philosophy. They love nature and the unique experiences gained by traveling. Therefore, they decorate their personal space in a way that welcomes nature indoors and represents the life of a nomad; austere with ethnic elements. Their furniture, decorative items, and the color shades of their personal space intend to bring out an environment that impresses without looking (and being) expensive.

The Naturalist is inspired by nature and desires a constant connection with it. In their personal space one will see plants and materials such as wood and stone that create a feeling of relaxation, calmness, and warmth. They chose earth tone colors and color combinations of green and olive. Their favorite motto is by Genevieve Valentine “Nature provides enough order to soothe and enough entropy to surprise.”

Tech Guru:
Technology and gadgets are the extension of Tech Guru’s self, and they are thus imprinted on their personal space. Therefore, they love the industrial design upon decorating and on furniture, and the combinations in different tones and surface finishing.