This website (hereinafter to be referred to as the “Website”) is the exclusive property of the company under the name “VITEX  SA,” having its seat in Aspropyrgos, Attica, GREECE (location “Imeros Topos”), as is legally represented (hereinafter to be referred to as the “Company”), which exploits the Website in order to present and promote its statutory and business purposes and activities as well as to market its products and activities to the visitors/users of the Website. The use of the Website is subject to the official “TERMS OF USE” that can be found on the Website and which every visitor/user of the Website is advised to carefully read before navigating in the Website.

By means of the present Cookies Policy the Company wishes to inform the visitors/users of the Website particularly about the way it uses files called “cookies” and the legal conditions of their use as well as about the rights of the Website’s visitors/users with regard to the said information. More specifically:

  1. About Cookies

“Cookies” are small files including information that a webpage (i.e. the web server) stores in the user’s computer, in smartphones or other online devices so that every time the user enters the Webpage, the latter retrieves the said information and provides the user with relevant services (hereinafter to be referred to as “cookies”). Typical examples of such information are the preferences of the user for a webpage as they become known from the selections of the user on the specific webpage (i.e. selection of language). They are mainly used for easier access of the visitor/user with regard to using specific services of the webpage or the website, for providing personalized web pages and adapting promotional and other contents so that the particular needs and personal interests of the visitor/user can be reflected. The said action may make the following visit easier and the website more useful. It should be noted that cookies cannot be executed as codes or be used in order to spread viruses and they cannot provide access to the hard disk of the visitor/user. More specifically, no information included in the visitor’s/user’s hard disk can be read, even if cookies are stored there, not even the personal identity of the visitor/user can be verified through cookies. 

  1. Governing Legislation

Cookies are subject to Directive E-Privacy 2002/58/ΕC as amended through Directive 2009/136/ΕC (which has been incorporated into the Greek Law through L. 3471/2006) according to the explicit provision in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679), recital 173.

3.     Processing of Cookies on this Website

In the context of the above mentioned legislation, the first time a user visits the specific Website a “window” appears that offers the user the possibility to declare on the one hand that they are informed about the present Policy and the installation of the technically necessary / functional cookies (please see below) and, on the other hand, to provide their consent for the installation of the non-technically necessary cookies, i.e. those aiming at improving products and services appearing on the Website and in detail described below (see Α). In case the visitor/user does not want to accept the installation/storage of non-technically necessary cookies the Website provides them with the possibility through the same “window” to select the cookies they want according to their personal preferences. It should be noted that the visitor/user may at any moment revoke the consent they gave when they entered the Website or change their preferences with regard to the use of cookies through special settings of the navigation program on the Internet which is used by the visitor/user.

In particular:


As long as you provide your consent when entering the Website in the way described above all cookies mentioned below fulfilling the following mentioned special operations shall be installed / stored.

  • Analysis Cookies

These cookies allow the Company to collect data related to the use of the Website by you, including the content you on which you ‘click’ on while navigating, aiming at improving the performance and design of the Website. These cookies may be provided by a third provider of detailed tools but are only used for purposes related to the Company’s Website. Furthermore, these cookies can remember information related to the use of the Website so that the Company can provide promotional and other information to you through the Website. They also allow the Company to store information about the route the users followed in order to reach the Website. This should be ascertained so that, among others, any associates of the Company can be paid accordingly. Τhese cookies are also used for collecting anonymous statistical data that makes it clear that the public uses the Website, while this data also helps the improvement of the Website’s structure and content.

  • Cookies Related to Promotional Services (Remarketing – Retargeting)

The Company could possibly use marketing services in order to present commercial messages to the public. Marketing – remarketing services include the promotion of commercials/advertisements through collaborating advertisers or through advertising networks using cookies of third parties. Τhese cookies are activated when you visit out Website and are read only by the relevant collaborating advertiser. Besides, the Website may use retargeting in order to secure that the presented advertisements respond to your interests. Cookies provisionally stored for this reason provide our collaborators assigned with retargeting services with the possibility of recognizing the Website’s visitors (alias-name) and presenting only those products that could attract our visitors. The cookies of retargeting collaborators do not provisionally save personal or sensitive data, while the data collected is not merged with data allowing the identification of our visitors. In particular, the above services provide the Company with the possibility of:

  • evaluating success and estimating the cost of advertising,
  • spotting the advertisements you have already seen in order to avoid showing the same,
  • count the number of visitors of the Website,
  • detecting the internal search requests,
  • recognizing the condition of your connection.



The current legislation introduces an exception from the obligation to inform the user and request their consent with regard to the use of cookies considered „technically necessary“ for achieving a connection to a webpage or for providing online services. As a result, the said necessary cookies are installed / stored in the hard disk of the computer of each visitor/user immediately after they enter the Website, regardless of their consent. The Work Group Article 29* (Recital 4/2012) has further clarified the categories of cookies falling within the above exception, as follows:

– Cookies necessary for recognizing and/or maintaining the content entered by the subscriber or user during a session with a webpage throughout the specific connection. For example, such cookies are necessary while the user is completing an electronic form. The same category includes “persistent” cookies, which are installed for the same reason and last for a few hours.

– Cookies necessary for the authentication of the subscriber or user in case of services requiring authentication.

– Cookies installed for the security of the subscriber or user, such as cookies detecting repeated unsuccessful attempts to log in to the account of a user on a specific webpage.

– Cookies with multimedia content, such as flash player cookies, during a connection to a webpage. Such cookies are installed when the user watches a video on a webpage.

– Cookies necessary for carrying out the technique of load balancing during a connection to an Internet webpage.

– Cookies „remembering“ the choices of the subscriber or user with regard to the display of the webpage (e.g. those related to the selection of language or the display of search results on a webpage).

– Cookies installed through plug-ins on social media webpages and related to the distribution of the content among the certified members logged in at the moment.


Note: all the above is related to the way cookies are installed so that the specific Website can operate as well as to the choices provided by the specific Website to its visitors/users with regard to the installation of cookies. The visitors/users of the Website should additionally be informed that every web browser provides explicit instructions for the use of cookies through the relevant policy. For more information, you can visit the relevant connection (Internet ExplorerFirefoxGoogle ChromeSafari). You are also recommended to refer to the official literature of the manufacturing companies so that you can be updated. For your convenience, the following table includes some explanations about specific cookies.


Cookie Name Purpose Additional Information
__utma Google Analytics Recognizes the users and the sessions of connection. It is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics. Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites

Google Analytics Privacy Overview

__utmb Google Analytics Identifies the new connection / visit sessions. It is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics. Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites

Google Analytics Privacy Overview

__utmc Google Analytics This cookie operates in combination with the cookie __utmb and specifies whether the user was in a new session / visit. Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites

Google Analytics Privacy Overview

__utmz Google Analytics Saves the source of visit or the campaign that explains the way the user reached your Website. It is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics. Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites

Google Analytics Privacy Overview


These cookies are used for optimizing the experience of navigation through our Website by using recommended functions (e.g. when you click „back,“ you return to the respective previous screen).

__utmt Google Analytics Used for storing individual data variables of the visitors. It is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics. Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites

Google Analytics Privacy Overview


4. Links and Hyperlinks 

It is possible that the electronic text of the Website includes a highlighted word or phrase or an image ordered to „transfer“ the user to another relevant webpage, from the origin hub to the destination hub. The said web pages where the user is transferred may belong to third parties rather than the Company and are subject to their own terms of use and their own cookies policy. It should be clarified that the present Cookies Processing Policy is exclusively related to the specific Website and not to the webpages of third parties, to which the visitor/user may be transferred through the link/hyperlink included on our Website. Without prejudice to the above the visitors/users of the Website are informed, among others, that the Website includes links to the following social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin.


5. Lifespan of Cookies

Apart from the absolutely necessary cookies and unless otherwise specified above all cookies related to our Webpage shall expire two (2) years after your last visit to our Website or after the date the cookie was stored.  


6. How to get informed about changes in this Cookies Policy

The Company maintains the right to amend, to replace and/or delete the content of the Website at any moment and regardless of any previous notification to the visitors/users. In any case, any amendments or other changes to the present Policy shall be timely posted on the Website so that its visitors/users can be duly informed.


8. How to contact the Website Owner

In case you have any remarks or questions related to the present Cookies Policy please contact the Company’s Data Protection Manager (a service assigned to the company AQS Business Consultants with business name “ADVANCED QUALITY SERVICES Ltd.,“ at 1A Sarantaporou & Tirnavou Str. Ag. Stefanos, Attica, GREECE, Tel. No.: +30 210-6216997 and e-mail at


*The „Working Party on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data,“ also known as „Article 29 Party“ which has already been replaced by the European Data Protection Board, was established by virtue of Article 29 of Directive 95/46/ΕΚ with regard to the protection of natural persons against personal data processing and the free circulation of this data. The Party served as consultants to the European Commission but worked independently from the commission. They examined issues of special importance or issues of special interest with regard to personal data protection and issued their opinions and working texts.-