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Superior quality silicone plaster with hydrophobic capillary effect, highly weather-resistant, water repellent with great water vapor permeability. It protects the surface from mildew and fungi. It provides resistance to UV radiation and heat. Suitable for areas with high humidity and environmental pollution.

Superior quality silicone acrylic finishing plaster, with hydrophobic properties, weather-resistant and water-repellent with great water vapour permeability. It provides excellent resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and heat and has excellent adhesion, durability and flexibility. Used to protect and decorate exterior and interior surfaces (plaster, concrete, facade thermal insulation systems), especially for areas with high humidity and environmental pollution.
Certified with the CE marking according to EN 15824. The acrylic silicon plaster Granikot is part of the External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) Vitextherm, which is certified with the CE marking according to the requirements of ETAG-004. Certificate Number: ETA-15/0148.

• Hydrophobic, water-repellent and weather-resistant
• Great water vapour permeability
• Excellent resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and heat


Available in white and transparent base, which can be used for the preparation of unlimited number of shades through Vitex’s Colorfull Tinting System. The White Base can also be used as white.

Surface drying timeSurface drying time 4-6h
Water dilution percentageWater dilution percentage 0-2%
Spreading rateSpreading rate 1,7-3,2m2/lt
Appication by spatulaAppication by spatula


Surfaces must be clean, dry, and free from dust, grease loose or flaking paint.

New surfaces made of plaster, concrete, cement, rendering, plasterboard or surfaces previously covered with emulsion or acrylic water-based paints need to be primed with Granikot Primer.



Stir well before use. Apply by stainless steel putty knife diluted with maximum 2% of water and structuring with a plastic float. Do not apply at temperature below 5°C, above 35°C and/or relative humidity above 80%.

Do not apply in rainy, misty or windy weather. Protect surfaces from direct sunlight to prevent uneven drying.

Do not expose to direct sunlight. Must not freeze.

It is touch dry in 4-6 hours and cured after 24 hours. Drying time depends on weather conditions (humidity and temperature). After the material is completely cured, there is no further need to protect the surface from inclement weather.

Tools must be cleaned immediately after use with water and if needed with soapy water or a detergent.

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