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Transparent solvent-based acrylic undercoat. Waterproofs surfaces and allows them to “breathe”. It has excellent adhesion, penetrates into porous surfaces and is an ideal undercoat for final coating with acrylic and emulsion paints.

Clear, solvent-based acrylic undercoat with high water resistance and vapour permeability. It exhibits strong adhesion and high penetration in porous surfaces such as plaster, concrete, bricks, plaster boards etc. and also surfaces coated with low quality paints or distempers. It is resistant to moisture and provides an ideal undercoat for emulsion, acrylic or masonry paints, relief and waterproofing coatings.

• Waterproofs
• Strong adhesion and high penetration
• Ideal for stabilizing surfaces covered with low quality paints or distempers


Available colourless.

Surface drying timeSurface drying time 60min
Solvent dilution percentage Solvent dilution percentage 100%
Spreading rateSpreading rate 14-16m2/lt
Application by brassApplication by brass
Application by rollerApplication by roller
Application by Spray gunApplication by Spray gun

Surfaces should be smooth, clean and dry, free from grease, dust, loose or flaking paint.

Stir well before use. Apply one coat by roller, brush or airless spray gun. For walls diluted up to 100% with Brush Solvent T 300 and for roofs up to 30%. Do not apply at temperatures below 5oC, above 35oC and/or relative humidity above 80%.
It is touch dry after 1 hour and can be recoated after 4-6 hours for coated with Vitex’s emulsion or acrylic paints. Drying time depends on weather conditions (humidity and temperature).
Clean rollers, brushes, floor stains, etc. with Brush Solvent T 300 and then with soapy water or detergent.

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