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A+ Quality System Internal Air
Novel Antiviral eggshell paint with VAIRO™ Healthcare Technology


VITEX with VAIRO™ is an Ultra-premium eggshell novel antiviral - antibacterial emulsion wall paint for interior use.

Τhe product is available for sale depending on national authorization - notification procedures-for more information please contact us

Due to its innovative technology, the dry paint film has enhanced defense against virus transmission and inhibits the bacteria growth as well on it.

VAIRO™ Healthcare technology is based on composites where properly encapsulated silver ions into inorganic matrices and other booster components drive to controlled release not only in wet but in dry conditions as well. Additionally, it unfolds a slippery properly modified hydrophilic coating surface which proves inhospitable for virus and bacteria and boosts further on the antiviral-antibacterial activity.

The antiviral and antibacterial activity tested according to ISO 21702, ISO 22196, and OECD guidance for efficacy of biocide treated article (ENV-JM-MONO (2018)20) with excellent microbial reduction. Walls painted with VITEX with VAIRO™ offer great defense against E.Coli, St.Aureus, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Enterococcus Hirae, Klebsiella Pneumoniae, Human Corona virus OC43, Human Corona virus HC 229E, Human Corona virus SARS-CoV2, virus phage phi6, virus phage MS2 which are used as surrogates  for many enveloped and not enveloped viruses, in several conditions.

Moreover, designed with surface protection technology the paint film has increased resistance to the absorption of common household stains making easier to remove them even after a long period of time (CRGI Report No M2020353-3). It provides great hiding power, unrivalled performance, exceptional whiteness, and excellent durability to frequent washing (Class 1, EN 13300/ISO 11998) and this helps to retain the activity on painted surfaces. Virtually odorless. Near zero VOC content. It contributes to the best indoor air quality and heathier environment as well, due to the very low emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds. It is certified with Indoor Air Comfort GOLD, the world’s most rigorous indoor emission rating system. It has been tested successfully for its antifungal properties as well, according to EN 15457 test method. It is a Biocidal product according to Regulation EU 528/2012 (BPR) and is subjected
to authorization or proper notifi cation.

• Innovative paint succesfully tested against corona virus SARS-CoV2 with activity >99%  (4 hours contact).
• VAIRO™ Healthcare Technology
• Antiviral & Antibacterial & Antifungal activity
• Eggshell fi nish
• Superior performance & stain resistance/removal
• IAC GOLD, A+ Indoor Air Quality
• Outstanding washability
• Superior opacity
• Virtually odorless



Interior new surfaces made of concrete, plaster, brick, gypsum boards or old painted surfaces.
Ideal for areas such as:
• Children's rooms, Schools, Nurseries
• Medical Practices, Hospitals, Maternity Clinics, Aged Care Facilities
• Hotels, Restaurants, Fitness Centers, Shopping Malls
• Food Storehouses


White and unlimited number of shades through Vitex Coloring System.

Surface drying timeSurface drying time 30-60 min
Water dilution percentageWater dilution percentage 0-10%
Spreading rateSpreading rate 15-18m2/lt
Application by brassApplication by brass
Application by rollerApplication by roller
Application by Spray gunApplication by Spray gun

Surfaces should be smooth, clean and dry, free from grease, dust, loose or fl aking paint.
Vitex with VAIRO™ is directly applied on already painted surfaces as long as the old paint is sound. To fill any cracks or holes use Acrylic Putty or Visto or Light Acrylic Putty (recommended). Old surfaces previously covered with water paints or distempers (lime wash or ceiling white) should be primed with Acrylan Unco Eco.
New surfaces made of plaster, concrete, cement, plasterboard, etc. should be fi rst primed with Acrylan Unco Eco.
Surfaces stained from smoke, graffi ty, coffee or any other kind of stain should fi rst be primed with Blanco Eco.
For maximum opacity in dark and intense (such as blue, red and yellow) final shades, it is
recommended to apply one coat of PreColor Primer colored - depending on the final shade - through Vitex Coloring System.

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