Applications Instructions

Applications Instructions

PAINT IN A NUTSHELL: By the term paint we mean a series of works which are executed in a specific order, using the appropriate materials and tools. Painting of surfaces and generally the application of color aims to protect and decorate the structural elements. From the purely technical point of view, paint protects and insulates surfaces against weather conditions, temperature changes, acid environment, mechanical and chemical wear and tear, gas exhausts, and in general causes that may adversely affect and shorten the life of the surfaces on which it is applied. At the same time, it has the ability to transform the surroundings, to decorate and to influence to a significant degree the mood and the psychology of the people.

An integrated paint/painting procedure is summarized in three stages:

 1. Preparation of the surface to be painted 

 2. Application of the primer 

 3. Application of the finish 


For the correct evaluation of a painting material, besides its total price, factors such as the following should be also taken into account:

  • Coverage (m2/lit) or (m2/kg)
  • User-friendly and cost of application
  • Compliance with the desired qualities
  • Durability in time and weather conditions
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Safety and protection of the user


It has been repeatedly proven that finally cheap materials have a very high cost for whoever will use them, since they do not fulfil the above prerequisites.  In order to achieve a reliable and safe result, we must choose paints of guaranteed quality, because they turn out to be cheaper.

All the above qualities are characteristic attributes of the products VITEX has been offering to the Greek market, for over 55 years.