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10 hospitals in 5 countries with 1,000 Rooms painted with certified Vitex antibacterial paints

10 hospitals in 5 countries with 1,000 Rooms painted with certified Vitex antibacterial paints

Vitex, the Greek paints producer has announced its Social Responsibility actions to support the efforts of the community against the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Our integrated initiative was designed to protect the health, well-being and business continuity of painting professionals/subcontractors, the health care system and the paint stores.

First action is the issue of a “Guide for Trust” aiming to set the best practices for painting professionals and subcontractors that want to quote for and undertake projects in homes or office/retail spaces that are in use. This is available online as well as in printed form, in all the paint stores Vitex collaborates with.

Second action is the donation of certified Antibacterial Surface Protection paints (Vitex Eco Emulsion Paint & Aquavit Eco Wood Enamel paint)  with very low VOC emissions (A+ classification for Indoor Air Quality) and IMSL certification to over 10 hospitals in 5 countries. We have donated the required quantity to paint and protect more than 1.000 hospital rooms and offered them to public institutions fighting COVID-19 for their renovation actions whenever they take place.

Certified Antibacterial paints have been already delivered to hospitals in Athens, Thessaloniki & Patras, Greece and in Sofia, Bulgaria. In the next weeks, deliveries will take place in Cyprus, Romania and Serbia

Third action is the fact that although Vitex Eco and Aquavit Eco are the only premium quality products in the markets where Vitex operates that have the triple certification of: a) Antimicrobial properties, b) Indoor air quality A+ and  c) Eco Label, their price remains unchanged at very affordable level and the price increase announced in January has been postponed.

As Mr Armodios Yannidis, CEO of Vitex stated, "In a time of crisis, we believe that donations are not enough. Social responsibility is to provide added value and support to your ecosystem and to provide solutions to the society at large."


At Vitex we remain committed to excellence and continue to contribute to the society in ways that add real value. 



Established in 1932, Vitex S.A is the largest Greek owned company of architectural paints. Despite the economic recession Vitex continues to invest, by developing and producing high quality products for the sectors of architectural paints (Vitex), bituminous waterproofing materials (Hermes), external thermal  insulation (VitexTherm) and yacht paints (Eumaria), at the largest paint factory in Greece, one of the most  advanced in Europe. The company has been certified as a Great Place to Work for the period 2020-2021.  Vitex products are distributed in 20 countries worldwide.

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