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Color 'runs' with bicycles in Greece

Cycling is one of our favorite hobbies and sports and covers all ages. Children, youngsters and adults meet throughout Greece, cycling at amazing sights and many of them participate in sporting events that tend to increase lately.

In Vitex, we have a great understanding of the Eco culture as we produce ecological products and having lived with an ecological consciousness for many decades, we fully comprehend the benefits of ecological transport through our cooperation and active support of the Alfa cycling team. We consider the bicycle as an ideal means of developing our environmental consciousness. It contributes to ecology and promotes a cleaner, healthier and more qualitative environment, like our products.

ALPHA cycling team was founded as an idea at the end of 2013 and took its final form in mid-2014 with the establishment of a Sports Club entitled "Alpha Peristeri Athletic Club".  It consists of two bodies: cycling and table tennis (ping-pong). Organizing and implementing the cycling team schedule started for the 2015 season.

The group already consists of more than 40 athletes in the categories of Men, Women, People with Disabilities, Master. In most of them, many podiums at major competitions nationwide have already been achieved.

Specifically, each year the team participates in the following events:

• PEPA Cup (Veteran Athletes Cycling Union)
• Races between teams
• Greek championship
• Local championships &
• Brevets


Road bicycles, Mountain Bikes, Personal time time trial, etc.

Our next Vitex & Alpha Cycling Team common goal is to strengthen all group categories as to continue to show our strong presence.


We just like to share with you a small indication of cycling benefits and be sure there are many more that you will discover on your own!


  • A bicycle needs only 5% of the energy and materials needed to build a car
  • 20 bicycles can be parked in the position of a car
  • No exhaust = the only vehicle that can take us everywhere with zero pollution



  • Protects and cures our heart!
  • According to the Greek cardiology association, 30km a week are enough to reduce by half the risk of heart diseases
  • Increases body strengths and exercises the entire body without any risk of serious injury risks
  • We burn enough calories and help our body not accumulate excess weight
  • According to surveys, cycling for an hour is equivalent to about 300 calories loss
  • Eliminates stress and strain caused by routine and responsibilities
  • Keeps us in touch with nature, season – temperature – light changes, resulting in correct adjustment of our biological clock that modern way of life (seating and driving for hours) has desynchronized



  • Discover places you never visited and would not have learned about passing by with your car
  • See beautiful locations, coasts or mountains, our country is the most ideal place in the world to cycle!
  • The bicycle offers mental euphoria and balance. Daily rides offer the opportunity to learn more places of our city, get local snapshots of everyday life, but also distance ourselves from daily stress and obligations

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If you want to become a member of Vitex & Alpha Cycling Team please send an email to  or entitled 'Vitex & Alpha Cycling Team - I want to race with you! " and we will get in touch with you.