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Hermes provides a wide variety of waterproofing solution with bituminous membranes and liquids capitalizing the 80-years experience of production. Since the beginning of the group Hermes protects your construction from foundation to the roof with high quality materials and always with the client’s satisfaction as highest priority.


Supreme quality, modern, ETA certified, external Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) for existing and new buildings. Thermal Insulation System VITEXTHERM can be applied on old and new constructions and provides:
High energy saving: constant indoor temperature and inside home thermal comfort. Improvement of buildings energy class. Increase of commercial value property. Significant reduce of maintenance costs. Total shielding and facade renovation.


We love the sea and we take great care of boats! EUMARIA was created within a specific framework as to cover demanding boat maintenance needs, through a brand new and modern range of yacht paints. The newly established trade mark under Yannidis Group incorporates decades of vast experience in innovative product development. Today, we are proud to introduce our initial range of marine paints compliant with all international environmental and legal restrictions.