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Enamel Paints for Wood

Enamel Paints for Wood

    High quality polyurehane enamel new formula, available in gloss, satin, mat, suitable for interior and exterior use. It can be applied onto all wooden surfaces such as doors, windows, cupboards etc. and on metallic surfaces. It has excellent hiding power and whiteness, great elasticity, excellent working and levelling properties providing a complete finish. It exhibits high durability, excel...
    Certified ecological, water based enamel paint, with superior whiteness and exceptional resistance to yellowing. It has excellent working properties giving a perfect finish. Has excellent adhesion even on surfaces painted with alkyd enamel (oil paint). It has excellent resistance to frequent washing and cleaning agents. Because of its specific formula prevents the growth of microbes (bacteria - fu...
    Ideal undercoat to every water-based or solvent-based enamels, covers and effectively fills the surface, dries quickly and is easy to sand. Ideally prepares any surface for the final coating.
    Undercoat for wooden surfaces. Covers and effectively fills the surface and is easy to sand. Perfectly prepares the surface for the final coating with water-based or solvent-based enamels.