Vitex Coloring System -
Vitex Coloring System

Vitex Coloring System

The VITEX Coloring System has been installed in several, selected cooperating paint shops and its aim is to answer all your needs regarding colors and shades, for immediate delivery, through a computer-assisted procedure and with the use of specialized equipment.

This modern system consists of basic colors specially designed for the application of color pastes, ensuring excellent quality and a wide range of choices from an unlimited color palette. The final hue produced by the Coloring System is precise, reliable, according to your choice, is can be easily and accurately reproduced as many subsequent times as you may wish. It is not affected by time, changing weather conditions and frequent washing. There are thousands of color shade choices with the use of the VITEX specially designed basic colors.

Paint with the basic colors:

  • Plastic colors:  VITEX classic, eco, satin, vito, metallico.
  • Acrylic colors:  acrylan, acrylan for vertical surfaces, vito, Kinder paint.
  • Ripolines: aquavit, Kinder paint, platinum.
  • Duco colors:  Heavy Metal Silicon Standard & Effect.


Choose the product most appropriate for the surface you want to paint, browse through the VITEX color catalogues with its ready-made color combinations (Eco, Interior, Exterior, CF and Metallico) and its innovative propositions covering each and every taste.

Create an ambiance with the signature of your own aesthetic concept and the VITEX quality guarantee.