History - Vitex.gr


Since 1932 VITEX has been writing the history of color.

The activity of our company starts in 1932 with the activation in the trade of asphalt membranes for insulation of buildings and continues with the creation of the related production facilities under the brand of HERMES.

In 1960 the company’s activity expanded to the industrial production of paints and varnishes. The same year the brand VITEX is born, which is the company's first product in the architectural paints industry.

The success of the product was based on its fast drying properties, which enabled the user to "do all of their work faster and with greatest economic benefit.

The company’s commercial strategy was aimed at the development of  its distribution network,  on a nationwide scale, in Greece.

The graphic representation of the packaging gains rapidly nationwide awareness in Greece the “ VITEX emulsion paint” is now readily recognizable.  In this way the product logo  "VITEX" becomes a popular brand name and  a synonym of good quality emulsion paint. Along with the proliferation of emulsion paints, the company gradually expand its products’ assortment  incorporating additional products for the construction industry.

Today, Vitex is the most established paint company in Greece and the fastest growing in the Balkans. The strong bond of our distribution network partners with the VITEX brand, has been based, since our inception, on our non-negotiable quality, the high level of know-how, our customer-centric approach and the application of socially responsible business practices .

Our investments in Greece have included the creation of a new state-of-the-art Paint production plant, which enables us to be flexible and responsive to the challenges of an ever-changing business environment. Believing in the potential of the Vitex brand, beyond the Greek borders, we have set out a strategy to expand in other global markets.


Collaboration with Chemours and product launch of Vitex with Teflon™ in Greece and other Southeast European markets.

Launch of the  the Global / Color Guild color fandeck in the Greek and the international markets.

Launch of EUMARIA Marine paints

Launch of VITEXTHERM ETICS – External Thermal Insulation Systems

Installation of 1MW Photovoltaic roof installation in the Imeros Topos factory.


Relocation of VITEX & SYNTEX factories  and Group’s  Headquarters to Imeros  Topos,  Attica, Greece.

Establishment of Vitex-Hermes Bulgaria E.O.O.D. based in Sofia

Establishment of Vitex - Hermes D.o.o., a subsidiary in Serbia.

Creation of the VITEX Color Tinting System

Acquisition of Syntex Ltd paint company in Aspropyrgos, Attica, Greece.


Construction of a factory in Aspropyrgos Attica for the production of asphalt emulsions and varnishes as well as of oxidized asphalt.

Establishment of ERMICHROM Factory for the production of VITEX building paints in Athens, Greece.

Establishment and operation of an asphalt membranes and associated products plant, at Moschato,  Athens, Greece.
Trade of tar paper and of operation Customs clearance Office